Minority and Women-Owned Business Policies

The Affirmative Action Program is an integral part of the overall procurement process to guarantee that economic development, inclusion and equity is afforded to all businesses in the communities in which children reside. The Chicago Public Schools is committed to working with the minority and women business community to provide quality goods and services. Please visit one of our M/WBE information pages for more information about the M/WBE policies.

M/WBE Policies:

Under the M/WBE Program, a certain percentage of the aggregate dollar value of the contracts awarded by the Board must go to minority or women owned business enterprises. An MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) or a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) is a local business that is owned and controlled (minimum of 51% ownership) by a member of a minority group or by a woman.

Requirements for the utilization of MBE and WBE firms are included in each bid/proposal solicitation. If you have any questions concerning MBE/WBE certification and/or compliance, please contact the Office of Business Diversity at 773-553-2980.