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Remedial Program for M/WBE Participation in
Goods, Services and Construction Contracts

Goods and Services Contracts
Construction Contracts

M/WBE Program

The Board of Education's Minority and Women-owned Business (M/WBE) Program demonstrates the Chicago Public Schools' continued commitment to the success of minority- and women-owned businesses. The Program is governed by the Revised Remedial Plan For Minority And Women Business Enterprise Economic Participation ("M/WBE Program"). All contracts awarded by the Board must comply with the M/WBE Program. The M/WBE Program is administered by the Office of Business Diversity and the Department of Procurement and Contracts.

Under the M/WBE Program, a certain percentage of the aggregate dollar value of the contracts awarded by the Board must go to minority or women owned business enterprises. An MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) or a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) is a local business that is owned and controlled (minimum of 51% ownership) by a member of a minority group or by a woman.

Requirements for the utilization of MBE and WBE firms are included in each bid/proposal solicitation. If you have any questions concerning MBE/WBE certification and/or compliance, please contact the Office of Business Diversity at 773-553-2270 (non-construction) or 773-553-2980 (construction).

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M/WBE Participation Goals

Methods of achieving the plan goals include a combination of any of the following:

  1. Being a certified M/WBE prime contractor
  2. Engaging in joint ventures with certified M/WBEs
  3. Subcontracting with certified M/WBEs
  4. Purchasing supplies and/or services directly related to the performance of the contract from certified M/WBEs
  5. Purchasing supplies and/or services not directly related to the performance of the contract (upon CPS approval)
  6. Business development activities

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In order to be designated as a minority or women-owned business, you must have an M/WBE certification with a government agency. For information on becoming certified with the City, please read about M/WBE certification at the City's web site.

In addition to obtaining your certification, you must also register as a CPS supplier and obtain a supplier number, as is required of every CPS supplier. When submitting your supplier registration information, you should also submit a copy of your M/WBE certification letter.

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List of Certified Suppliers

A list of M/WBE suppliers certified by the City of Chicago is available on the City's Department of Procurement Services web site.

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Demonstrating Compliance

M/WBE forms must be submitted with bids and proposals to demonstrate compliance with the Revised Remedial Plan. These forms will be included with the solicitation document. M/WBE forms are also available for download.

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Although waivers are generally not granted, a waiver of the applicable M/WBE goals may be given if despite good faith efforts, it is impossible or economically unreasonable to meet an MBE or WBE goal.

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Sheltered Market Program

Sheltered Market opportunities are contract opportunities only open to certified M/WBE suppliers or contractors. Sheltered Market opportunities are usually used when it otherwise would be difficult to achieve M/WBE participation in a particular commodity area, as determined by the Chief Purchasing Officer. View Sheltered Market Opportunities.

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Statistical Report Summary Snapshots

The statistical report summary snapshots are summarizations of the MBE/WBE participation in the following categories: View Statistical Report Summary Snapshots.

  • Various Trades
    This is an Operation & Maintenance Program which consists of pre-qualified contractors. This report is cumulative based on Work Orders issued through the tenure of the program.
  • General Contractors
    General Contractors participate in the Capital Improvement Program. This report reflects commitments and payments including change orders awarded by fiscal year.
  • Goods & Services
    The report summarizes commitments made per fiscal year. These contracts include non-construction related contracts.

Due to the size of the files any additional or supporting information can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.  Please send all inquires to:

Chicago Public Schools
Office of Communication
125 South Clark Street - 7th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Attention: Cassandra Daniels

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Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils are available to help M/WBE businesses with the certification process, with preparing bids, explaining the M/WBE requirements, and explaining the rules and regulations governing doing business with sister agencies. Advisory Councils also help non-minority suppliers with locating M/WBE partners and subcontractors.

Good and Services Construction EEO Construction
  1. Alliance of Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs
    225 W. Washington, Suite 2209
    Chicago, IL 60606
    Phone: 312/924-0212
    Fax: 312/266-0316
    Email: csingleteary@aol.com
    Contact Person: Donna Gaines
  2. Chicago Minority Business Development Council (CMBDC)
    1 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1200
    Chicago, IL. 60601
    Phone: 312/755-8888
    Fax: 312/755-8891
    Email: shill@cmbdc.org
    Contact Person: Shelia Hill
  3. Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
    1455 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 240
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Phone: 312/786-0212
    Fax: 312/786-9079
    Email: Cchamber@Ameritech.net
    Contact Person: Carnice Carey
  4. Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    33 North LaSalle, Suite 1720
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Phone: 312/372-3010
    Fax: 312/372-3403
    Contact Person: Gerardo Rodiguez
  5. Latin American Chamber of Commerce (LACC)
    3512 W. Fullerton Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Phone: 773/252-5211
    Fax: 773/252-7065
    Email: hbonner@lacc1.com
    Contact Person: Hans Bonner
  6. Latino Technology Association
    28 E. Jackson (Bldg.) 10th FL
    Suite B766
    Chicago, IL 60610
    Phone: 847/749-0179 cell-847/340-8307
    Fax: 847/620-2910
    Email: rca@ariastech.net
    Contact Person: Ray Arias
  7. Leon Jackson/Able
    765 E. 69th Place
    Chicago, IL 60637
    Email: LJMFC@aol.com
    Phone: 773/493-9100
    Fax: 773/493-9881
  8. Network of Diverse Businesses in Education (NDBE)
    1613 S. Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60616
    Phone: 312/360-1100 Ext.28
    Fax: 312/360-0324
    Email: ccrozier@csc-julex.com
    Contact: Caroline Crozier
  9. Rainbow Push Coalition
    930 E. 50th Street
    Chicago, IL 60615
    Phone: 773/256-2728
    Fax: 773/373-4104
    Email: ajohnson@rainbowpush.org
    Contact Person: Angela Johnson
  10. Ralph G. Moore Associates (RGMA)
    211 W. Wacker Drive - Suite 900
    Chicago IL 60606
    Phone: 312/419-1911
    Fax: 312/419-1918
    Email: rgma@rgma.com
    Contact Person: Ralph Moore
  11. Women's Business Development Center (WBDC)
    8 S. Michigan Ave Suite 400
    Chicago, IL. 60603
    Phone: 312/853-3477
    Fax: 312/853-0145
    Email: hratner@wbdc.org
    Contact Person: Hedy Ratner
  1. Association of Asian Construction Enterprises (AACE)
    5500 Touhy Ave., Unit K
    Skokie, IL. 60077
    Phone: 847/673-7377
    Contact Person: Perry Nakachii
  2. Black Contractors United (BCU)
    400 W. 76th Street
    Chicago, IL 60620
    Phone: 773/483-4000
    Fax: 773/483-4150
    Contact Person: Florence Cox
  3. Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
    1455 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 240
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Phone: 312/786-0212
    Fax: 312/786-9079
    Email: Cchamber@Ameritech.net
    Contact Person: Carnice Cary
  4. Federation of Women Contractors
    5650 S. Archer Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60638
    Phone: 312/360-1122
    Fax: 312/360-0239
    Email: FWCChicago@aol.com
    Contact Person: Beth Doria
  5. Hispanic American Construction Industry (HACIA)
    901 W. Jackson, Suite 205
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Phone: 312/666-5910
    Fax: 312/666-5692
    Contact Person: Paul Carpa
  6. Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    33 S. North La Salle, Suite 1720
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Phone: 312/372-3010
    Fax: 312/372-3403
    Contact Person: Gerardo Rodiguez
  7. Latin American Chamber of Commerce (LACC)
    3512 W. Fullerton Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Phone: 773/252-5211
    Fax: 773/252-7065
    Email: hbonner@lacc1.com
    Contact: Hans Bonner
  1. Chicago Urban League
    220 S. State 11.Fl.
    Chicago, 60604
    Phone: 312/692-0766
    Fax: 312/692-0769
  2. Chicago Women In Trades (CWIT)
    1657 W. Adams Street, Suite 401
    Chicago, IL 60612
    Phone: 312/942-1444
    Fax: 312/942-0802
    Contact Person: Lauren Sugarman St. Paul COGIC
  3. Coalition for United Community Action
    2100 S. Indiana Ave. - Ste 218
    Chicago, IL 60616
    Phone: 312/225-2085
    Fax: 312/225-6742
    Contact Person: Carl Latimeri
  4. Coalition for United Community Labor Force
    1253 W. 63rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60636
    Phone: 773/863-0283 or 0075
    Fax: 773/863-1162
    Contact: Rev. John Hatchett
  5. Project P.R.I.D.E.
    4526 S. Wabash
    Chicago, IL 60653
    Phone: 773/538-5120
    Fax: 773/538-5125
    Email: Kford4526@aol.com
    Contact Person: Elder Kevin Ford
  6. United Voters For Truth And Change
    7019 S. Maplewood Ave. Suite 200
    Chicago, IL 60629
    Phone: 773/436-2305
    Email: Revgdaniels@aol.com
    Contact Person: Rev. Gregory Daniels

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